Freight Bill Pre-Audit

Freight Payables Pre-Audit

Our professionals will make certain your freight bills are being paid correctly by performing a pre-audit of freight invoices. Auditing freight bills, before payment, is essential in controlling costs and ensure that rates, along with numerous other factors, are accurately applied. Our staff will focus on addressing your specific pricing requirements resulting in a complete, comprehensive and accurate audit of your freight bills. We handle multiple modes of transportation and address the varied and complex pricing presented by your transportation service providers.


  • Consolidate Your Invoices

    We will consolidate all your freight bills into one weekly batch for processing and payment.

  • Go Paperless

    With today’s technology, we can eliminate paper and save time to receive invoicing faster through technology. Store all your freight bills online and manage exceptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can cost allocation be incorporated into the payment process?

    Yes, most business today have some type of coding in place. We help by automating the coding process with our proprietary software.

  • When does the freight vendor get paid?

    Payment release within 24 hours of receipt of good funds in our typical programs.

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