eCommerce Logistics Services

eCommerce sales increased by 43% in 2020, resulting in an even higher demand for effective and efficient shipping without extortionate costs. Our forward-looking strategies in the ever-changing digital business landscape are what sets us apart from other logistics companies.

eCommerce Logistics Solutions

Broussard Logistics understands that cost, transit, and visibility are the most important factors in an eCommerce business.

We implement forward-looking strategies that help you overcome any challenge in getting your product to your customer whether it be a consumer or a business.

The eCommerce logistics solutions we offer include:

eCommerce Logistics Service Benefits

, eCommerce Logistics Freight Management

Simplify Your eCommerce Supply Chain

As consumers continue to make purchases online from the comfort of their homes, the logistics of getting orders to them in a timely manner has become more complex.

Our team will simplify your logistics strategy so that you can meet your customers’ expectations with a customized approach that will help reduce your shipping costs and delivery time.

This will help you avoid losing customers and high cart abandonment rates.

Overcome Fee Challenges

Often, customers still expect mainstream couriers to handle large packages, which also translates to a large fee.

Our team is highly skilled at conceptualizing and implementing strategies that overcome these challenges to help you get your customers’ goods to them without the heavy fees.

Additionally, our Transportation Management System (TMS) will provide immediate visibility into how we are managing the costs for your eCommerce supply chains.

, eCommerce Logistics Freight Management
, eCommerce Logistics Freight Management

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Just one happy customer has the potential to grow your business, and we want to help you keep all your customers loyal and satisfied with your services.

Partnering with us will help speed up your shipping times and stay committed to meeting your customers’ expectations.

Stand Out as a Consistent and Reliable eCommerce business. Choose Broussard Logistics.

Our experienced team will take over the time and resources needed to offer effective and efficient shipping to your customers, all while keeping you in the loop.

Broussard Logistics currently works with clients across various industries, including manufacturingeCommercedistribution, and energy. Let us be part of your success with our innovative, state-of-the-art technology and hands-on approach.

, eCommerce Logistics Freight Management

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