Logistic Management Software FAQ

Many companies do and it is certainly your choice. However, with our over 41 years of experience in the process, we analyze over 60 different pieces of data on each invoice. Additionally, we do most of this through an automated process. More efficiency equals more profits. Our value is in what we save you, no what we cost you.

Our services are set up so that you can choose what you need and leave out what you don’t. It’s your choice.

Yes, we can set up a demo at your convenience and answer any questions you may have.

Not the right 3PL. We pay our customers invoices within 24-48 hours of funding and a detailed record is right there on the screen for you to see. In addition, because our data is EDI with most carriers we are receiving all of the invoices for processing the most efficient way possible. This eliminates any unnecessary steps and actually improves the process for payments to go out on time, every time.

Our costs are based entirely on a client’s needs. We don’t work from a published price sheet. Many times, our fees are based on a cost-share model in which we share in the savings we find for you. Other times, it is a subscription-based model depending on the needs of the client. No matter the problem, we can formulate a solution for you that is both cost-competitive and more affordable than you might think.

Contract Optimization, Audit and Pay Services, Service Failure for Parcel Shipments, Post Audit of LTL Shipments, International Assessment and Consulting, TMS / WMS and multiple software solutions, Supply Chain Consulting, Freight Cost Analysis and Full Integration with your current ERP system.

We are happy to review any RFP/RFQ. Most times we request a short conversation with the client to try and focus on exactly what they are looking to achieve with the process.

This can depend on the scope of what services are required. A basic audit can take 3-5 business days while some of our Service Failure audits can be completed in 48 hours. When presenting our solutions we will include an expected timeline as well

Yes, you can maintain your direct relationships with your carriers.

Every department has different needs when it comes to logistics. For instance, procurement needs the best option at the best budget while accounting will need to know that logistics invoices are not only rated correctly but also are coded with the right account codes. Our user-friendly, in house designed software, is built with those needs in mind and can accommodate the many different intercompany needs for our clients.

We are a solution driven partner. To put it more simply, we listen to the client. Then try to fit our many tools to your needs. We don’t sell you, we advise you on what your options will be. When we engage and put in our cost saving solutions, we should be a profit stream for our clients, not a cost.

Industry Expertise, since 1978, Broussard has focused on shippers workflow, process enhancements, and supply chain cost management and has built a team of experts with dedicated account support personnel. Technology, our proprietary system, or transportation management system (TMS), provides access to cutting edge tools that allow our clients to concentrate on core competencies and more efficiently allocate resources. Accounting Solutions, we provide audit, payment and management reporting of all freight invoices and provide detailed management reports to ensure best practices follow.

Typically our clients see a 10 to 30 percent gross cost savings. Since there are many variables, the best way to determine an estimate is to request a customized Transportation Expense Benchmark Study.

Our primary goal is to enhance the transportation service provided to your company. We focus on optimizing service, transit time and cost. Broussard Logistics offers recommendations; you make the final decisions.

Normally, the implementation process takes 30-45 days with supportable cost savings seen in additional 15 days. Our goal is not to disrupt your core business during implementation.

All agreement Fee structure is in an “open book” format. Although the fees are dependent on the service(s) provided, we typically operate on one of the following structures: -flat fee (weekly, monthly or quarterly) -percentage markup -transaction count -contingency We are flexible.

We understand one size does not fit all. No two programs we put together, all though may be similar are not the same. We customize each logistics program specific to your needs.

We are using cloud base servers with the top hosting companies in the country, Rackspace. (logo) Servers are highly secured 24/7 with no downtime and premium service.

As you know, there is a broad definition of a ‘3PL’. Ultimately breaks down into two groups, reseller and cost management. Regards of where you are, we have experience In converting and have made it seamless.

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