How can you negotiate better rates for us?

In all fairness, we are not sure we can. What we have historically found is that 8 out of 10 pricing contracts are not optimized. In the cases where we do find savings, it comes very unique areas that are not the same “across the board” with our clients. That being said, we have carrier pricing experts on our team that have intimate knowledge of the carrier’s profitability and the points within the contract that have room for improvement. Also, we are negotiating 100’s of contracts yearly which gives us unique insight into your spend allocation that when coupled with our >$1B in freight payables, contract benchmarks, industry expertise of over 40 years in business and the pricing tools not available to shippers, we usually achieve between 10%-30% cost savings.

How much can you save us?

Our historical average is 10%-30% in 8 out 10 of the potential clients we talk to. There is a small group that is already “best in class” or the saving is not enough to warrant hiring us. We do offer a no-obligation assessment of your current program that will allow you to see if the monetary value of hiring us would make sense. Click Here to sign up for our 3 part no-obligation assessment that includes:

    1. Full distribution analysis – your distribution of product vs your contracts will allow for new insights into your spend and carrier allocations.
    2. Benchmark analysis – you get to see how your contract points stack up against others.
    3. Savings – you will know exactly the minimum ROI if you hired us, before you even do.

How long does it take to perform the assessment?

15 business days at the most, often times though it is completed in 7 business days. All we need is 30-90 days worth of invoice data.

Ready to get started? Click here.

What are your integration capabilities?

We have been successful in integrating with both WMS and ERP systems, everything from “home grown” software to ERP systems like Oracle and SAP. We have 3 forms of integration available :

    1. Via API’s
    2. Via FTP’s
    3. Desktop application that resides behind your firewall.

How much does it cost?

Our typical compensation for the fees we earn are based on what we save your organization, if there is not any savings achieved, there are no fees charged. Other options available based on services used.

How long does it take for implementation to finish and our have our contracts optimized?

It depends on the mode and complexity of your distribution, typically 30-90 days. We will determine a timeline for your consideration before you would even hire us, that will be help in your decision making process.

What differentiates you from others in the industry?

Great question, our industry has some really quality firms that we have a ton respect for and each has value they can provide to a potential client. Our clients tell us most frequently though that they hired us for the following reasons:

    1. History– established in 1978
    2. Track record – how many client referrals would you like? We will line them up.
    3. Results– we do what we say we will do, you have our word on it. This is “backed-up” with language in our customer agreements that guarantees results.
    4. Expertise – our clients have access to every expert within our organization, whether FTL, parcel, LTL, International, rail, etc.
    5. Scalability – Our program can accommodate growth and enhance the operational output of clients without always having to hire additional staff as they have before.
    6. Tech (TMS) – easy to implement, train and use. There are certainly more complex systems available to you as a shipper but we are proud of how quickly we can deploy a custom TMS that centralizes the shipping process (execution of product from the sales order all the way to the good being delivered to your customer) and reporting in either an integrated or non-integrated platform. The efficiency and communication gains are noticeable from day 1.

What if you don’t perform?

I can’t say that every program over the last 40+ years didn’t have any “hiccups”, it just wouldn’t be possible. That being said, we have a proven process that while customized, has been “proven” time and time again. We have performance standards in our client engagement agreements that have provisions and remedies pre-determined (customized by client) that allow for accountability of performance. If for some reason we can’t fix it or make our client happy, we need to part ways…the last thing we need to do is hamper your ability to take care of your customer or have a negative effect on your internal operations or business.