Logistic Management Software FAQ

Industry Expertise, since 1978, Broussard has focused on shippers workflow, process enhancements, and supply chain cost management and has built a team of experts with dedicated account support personnel. Technology, our proprietary system, or transportation management system (TMS), provides access to cutting edge tools that allow our clients to concentrate on core competencies and more efficiently allocate resources. Accounting Solutions, we provide audit, payment and management reporting of all freight invoices and provide detailed management reports to ensure best practices follow.

Typically our clients see a 10 to 30 percent gross cost savings. Since there are many variables, the best way to determine an estimate is to request a customized Transportation Expense Benchmark Study.

Our primary goal is to enhance the transportation service provided to your company. We focus on optimizing service, transit time and cost. Broussard Logistics offers recommendations; you make the final decisions.

Normally, the implementation process takes 30-45 days with supportable cost savings seen in additional 15 days. Our goal is not to disrupt your core business during implementation.

All agreement Fee structure is in an “open book” format. Although the fees are dependent on the service(s) provided, we typically operate on one of the following structures: -flat fee (weekly, monthly or quarterly) -percentage markup -transaction count -contingency We are flexible.

We understand one size does not fit all. No two programs we put together, all though may be similar are not the same. We customize each logistics program specific to your needs.

We are using cloud base servers with the top hosting companies in the country, Rackspace. (logo) Servers are highly secured 24/7 with no downtime and premium service.

As you know, there is a broad definition of a ‘3PL’. Ultimately breaks down into two groups, reseller and cost management. Regards of where you are, we have experience In converting and have made it seamless.

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