International Freight Management Services

Our experienced team is here to help you streamline and simplify your International Freight Management process. We will uncover cost-saving opportunities and settle payments for your accounts.

International Freight Management Solutions

Broussard Logistics has an extensive experience in an ever-changing global supply chain.

Our team will audit your international freight bills and evaluate existing terms with overseas suppliers and advise accordingly in order to gain control of your shipments all while reducing costs.

Our clients have found value in partnering with us so that they can focus on their more important strategic tasks and not worry about the rules and regulations related to international shipping.

Additionally, our carrier relationships leverage our over 40 years of experience in the global logistics marketplace.

The International Freight Management solutions we offer include:

International Freight Management Service Benefits

International Freight Management Services

Regain Control

Effectively monitoring the flow of material and information, especially from international suppliers, is a complex aspect of supply chain management.

Our Transportation Management Systems combined with reporting modules give you the confidence to not only track market trends but also give you foresight into your strategies for future planning.

We also leverage your spend to prevent you from paying too much.

Increased Visibility

Often, companies are not clear on what they’re paying for and the reasoning behind their shipping costs.

We help you gain visibility over inbound freight which allows for better and more accurate planning.

This is especially valuable for companies with multiple locations.

International Freight Management Services
Reduce Supply Chain Interruptions

Reduce Supply Chain Interruptions

When things like a global pandemic, unrest, or volatile economic shifts arise that could threaten your company’s supply chain, we help mitigate the impact of these to make sure your supply chain still follows its stipulated structure. We have the experience to adapt when these situations occur.

The insights we’ve gained by our tech solutions, past relationships, and experience can be leveraged for future carrier negotiations and vendor source analysis.

These can drive down your landed costs or overall cost of goods that will give you an advantage in an ever-changing market.

Scale and Streamline Your Business. Choose Broussard Logistics.

Our experience in the logistics industry is partially why we’ve become a leading transportation cost management firm. Our supply chain consultants are vendor neutral and will advise you based on the solution that has the most potential to drive profits to your bottom line.

Overall, we have a holistic approach to your supply chain needs —it isn’t always about the black-and-white of prices associated with transportation or warehouses. Often, opportunities are found in soft cost savings and a better alignment of your process.

Broussard Logistics currently works with clients across various industries, including manufacturingeCommercedistribution, and energy. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars each year and thousands of hours in labor. Our complimentary, no-risk consultation will help you assess whether your supply chain is always operating optimally.

International Freight Management, International Freight Management

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