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International Freight Management Services

Our experienced team is here to help you streamline and simplify your international freight process. We will uncover cost-saving opportunities and settle payments for your accounts.

International Freight Management Solutions

Broussard Logistics will audit your international freight bills and evaluate existing terms with overseas suppliers and advise accordingly in order to gain control of your shipments all while reducing costs.

Our clients have found enormous value in partnering with us so that they can focus on their more important strategic tasks and not worry about late fees or being overcharged.

The International Freight Management solutions we offer include:

International Freight Management Service Benefits

Regain Control

Effectively monitoring an inbound flow of material and information, especially from international suppliers, is a complex aspect of supply chain management.

Partnering with Broussard Logistics means regaining control over this part of your business.

Our team holds vendors accountable to the right carrier at the fairest price.

We also leverage your inbound and outbound spend to prevent you from compromising on your purchasing power.

Access to industry benchmarks

Often, companies are not clear on what they’re paying for and the reasoning behind their shipping costs.

We help you gain visibility over inbound freight which allows for better and more accurate planning.

This is especially valuable for companies with multiple locations.

Become a Buyer With Power

If you frequently buy from overseas suppliers, our innovative Transportation Management Software (TMS) will put the power back in your hands.

This custom-built application will enable you to better plan, execute, and optimize the movement of inbound goods and materials.

Scale and Streamline Your Business. Choose Broussard Logistics.

Our experience in the logistics industry is partially why we’ve become a leading transportation cost management firm. Our team of professionals boast an unparalleled level of personal attention which our clients have come to appreciate and rely on.

Broussard Logistics currently works with clients across various industries, including manufacturing, eCommerce, distribution, and energy. We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars each year and thousands of hours in labor.

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