Retail Freight Management Solution

Retail Supply Chain and Logistics

Retail companies deal with inbound transportation and freight costs that fluctuate. With significant inbound truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), as well as parcel quantities shipped into a distribution center for fulfillment to stores, management of this process can be frantic.

Matching actual data on shipment documentation to an internal receipt system, as well as handling chargebacks and compliance issues, can pose an administrative burden.

The Broussard Inbound Freight Management Solution provides an outsourced inbound freight call center to optimize time, cost-efficiently, and service of carriers or transportation providers with cutting-edge technology and decades of expertise.

At the purchase order level, Broussard can allocate costs to efficiently match retailer’s ERP information with the freight vendor’s information and supplier compliance requirements to effectively manage this process and streamline a critical function for our retail clients.

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