Our team of industry experts strives to be advocates for your company’s success and savings every step of the way

Since 1978, Broussard Logistics has produced a suite of services strategically designed to not only save your company money, if we do our job right, but also to become a revenue stream. The early days of Broussard consisted of manually auditing and processing freight invoices for companies all across Houston.

As the economy boomed, Broussard Logistics grew with it. With the copious amounts of data collected through our Audit and Payment service, along with our team of industry experts, we were able to develop the custom technology and suite of services we use today to combat rising freight costs.


Paul L. Broussard, Broussard Logistics

While Broussard began by delivering timely and accurate services to client companies who regularly ship freight, our vision of solving supply chain issues for clients fueled our growth.

Our first and primary service was audit, payment, and reporting of freight invoices. That’s important because that service gave us an immense amount of market intelligence and data about shipping in all modes of transportation, and all lanes across North America. As the transportation industry progressed, we continued to develop relevant technology solutions. An early start and longevity in the industry have enabled us to develop an integrated approach that provides logistics business consulting and enhances information technology (IT) effectiveness.

Now we serve over a thousand clients, through three primary divisions, in a variety of different industries. Our collective clientele gives us the leverage of nearly $1 billion in buying power, as well as second-to-none market intelligence.

Timeline and Milestones


  • 1978

    Paul L. Broussard & Associates opened at Union Station in downtown Houston, Texas


  • 1979

    Developed first proprietary bill processing system through a computer time-sharing arrangement with Union Pacific Railroad


  • 1981

    Obtained freight brokerage license from federal regulators


  • 1992

    Acquired Dallas-based third-party logistics firm, Virgil Musik and Associates, resulting in the first expansion outside of Houston


  • 1998

    Moved offices from Union Station (due to Houston Astros new ballpark) to a bank building near University of Houston


  • 1999

    Established Broussard Logistics as a proactive freight management division to expand services and add web-based technology programs and software


  • 2002

    Began development of a proprietary web-based freight management system called BLIMS


  • 2007

    Operations and Sales office opened in Atlanta, Georgia, resulting in the first expansion outside of Texas


  • 2008

    Opened sales offices in Chicago, Illinois and Nashville, Tennessee

  • Moved HQ to new location at 5151 Katy Freeway in Houston, Texas


  • 2010

    Developed NEW software application (TMS) for client use

  • Developed NEW hardware service for enhanced client experience


  • 2011

    Broussard business unit, BTS, re-branded as Freight Cowboy

  • Freight Cowboy offers new LTL service and TMS application
  • Freight Cowboy HQ offices moved from Atlanta to Houston
  • Developed new service for parcel clients in helping them to secure monies owed to them through Service Failure Refunds


  • 2012

    Full ERP Integration made available with Broussard’s Transportation Management Software (TMS) BLIMS


  • 2013

    Launch of new TMS application for I/B Routing and Purchasing (Vendor Portal/Electronic PO)


  • 2015

    New Dashboard reporting tool made available to all BLIMS users for business analytics


  • 2016

    Launch of new Desktop Bill of Lading application with Request For Quote for a private market exchange between users and carriers of any mode