Managed Transportation

Broussard Managed Transportation: Good help is hard to find is an adage for a reason: the time and resources invested in putting together a great staff is tremendous. With KPI’s providing accountability and your logistics outsourced, you never have to worry about getting paid and customer satisfaction goes up. Our staff takes care of it so you can go back to running your business.

We save you time helping select the right staff, training and experience qualified and vouchsafed mean you don’t have to worry about lengthy training or costly mistakes. Meet all your deadlines and succeed at your initiatives with Broussard’s RFQ App.

Stop spending time and resources where you don’t have to! Let our specialists save you money by saving you time, today.

Do You Have Questions?

Our approach is to offer each customer advise on solutions that are fit to your needs, while letting the customer have the final say in which carrier they choose. To learn more about our managed transportation carrier rate negotiations services, contact us here.