Freight Rate Management Software

TMS Benefits

Rate Shopper

Manually shopping for the best freight rate can be extremely time-consuming. Our web based software tool enhances operational efficiencies by quickly organizing the intelligence you need to choose the best carrier for your freight. The carrier rate shopper module will display your carriers along with the service level provided in order of cost, based on YOUR freight contract information.


  • Flexible

    Our proprietary system allows program flexibility. System ERP integration is available.

  • Security and Dependability

    The system uses the country’s best hosting company, Rackspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the rate shopper multiple modes?

    Yes, any carrier that provides API connection. Also, table rates can be uploaded.

  • Can you load my current pricing?

    Yes, we can load your current pricing. Check out our Buying Power assistance in carrier rate negotiations under Signature Services.

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