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Electronic Shipment Notification

One tangible way Broussard uses technology to improve your customer’s experience with you, as well as operational efficiency, is with Electronic Shipment Notification. By use of this tool, an automatic email is sent as a client-branded shipment notification, customized with your logo, to your consumer (consignee), alerting shipment specifics: weight, class, product type, package count, carrier, tracking numbers, etc. The notice can be sent to six e-mail addresses and can be attached to a particular customer or address.



Empowering information in the hands of your sales rep or customer.


Enhance the customer experience and your branding by providing instant information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the carrier cost transmit in the shipment notification?

    No, your customer does not receive information containing your carrier pricing.

  • Where do you manage the email list for the notice?

    Using your unique address book, a user can edit, upload or delete emails associated with the address/customer.

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