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How does Haz Mat Bill of Lading (BOL) work?

The Hazardous Materials Bill of Lading (Haz Mat BOL) creator inside the TMS helps shippers fill out the BOL correctly for truckload, hot shot and LTL shipments with easy and accurate information. The BOL creator can also populate the preloaded Haz Mat product in your product or commodities list and guide the user to complete the BOL in the correct order with the Haz Mat information required by the DOT, UN Number, Proper Shipping Name, Hazardous Class, Packing Group, Emergency Contact Number and either the Emergency Response Contract Number or Contract Name.

Most TMS systems will not give uses the ability to create bills of lading for Hazard classes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 explosives or class 7 Radioactive materials. The Broussard Logistics TMS has been designed to allow for Shippers to create Haz Mat BOLS for all Table 1 and Table 2 hazardous materials including Explosives and Radioactive Materials. Additionally, the Haz Mat BOL creator can calculate the required fields such as the explosive mass for Explosives and the Transport Index, GBq, and mCI for Radioactive Materials.



Eliminate manual processes


Integrate into your ERP system to transfer BOL information between carriers, customers, locations and departments

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the fields to my company‚Äôs needs?

    Yes, we provide multiple data point capturing with rules as Mandatory, Optional or Never Show. Many of our customers use our drop down field feature that allows them ease of account coding.

  • How can I maximize the efficiencies of the Electronic BOL?

    You can use our system as a plug-in to your ERP to create a seamless supply chain process. If integration is not available, we can upload your address book and product list to auto-populate.

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