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Consolidate Requests

Stop sending individual emails to carriers for a shipment quote. Instead, consolidate all your communications into one system.

The RFQ tool allows you to load your carriers and contacts, allowing you to gain complete visibility to your quoted shipments of any mode in seconds. 

Broussard Logistics Request for Quote Tool

Automate your Spot Quotes of Any Mode Using Broussard Logistics Request for Quote Tool Private exchange for shippers and YOUR CARRIERS.

Select Carrier For Pick-Up

View your carrier responses in one screen. Lowest price bidders rank at the top to the higgest bidder at the bottom.

Carrier responses require contact information of the bidder and an all inclusive quote amount.

All you need to do is accept a quote, and an email will be sent to the carrier for shipment pick up.

Print Report

Don’t worry about losing a quote. We provide an online report for every shipment quoted for your checks and balances.

The RFQ report is perfect to show proof the load sent to multiple carriers for quoting. Save money by reviewing the lowest cost carrier has been selected for shipping.

Service Package Includes:

  • Unlimited location set-up
  • Full Shipping Tools Access
  • Custom Portal
  • Professional Training
  • Technical Support
  • Personal Account Rep
  • No Contract to Start

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