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Technology Delivers Visibility to Manage, Control & Lower Freight Costs

Posted on November 19, 2018

Written by broussard_press

As organizations grow, leadership teams frequently look for ways to operate more efficiently and better engage with customers. Organizations that are operating the same way they did just two years ago are falling behind. Truly, technology and systems continue to evolve rapidly to improve business practices. Specifically, the use of freight management technology presents a wealth of opportunities for those in manufacturing, retail and distribution―from automating processes to improving customer service. The Director of Logistics is well positioned to see across internal departments and introduce technology that delivers powerful impacts on the bottom line. Let’s examine the benefits of implementing industry-leading technology and knowledge as well as the next steps the Director of Logistics can take before year-end.


Using technology from logistics experts like Broussard Logistics unites your different departments and arms them with critical information. Consider these benefits of applying freight management technology to your supply chain:

  1. Gain complete visibility of your entire logistics process and eliminate silos. Access key information in real time, no matter where you are.


  1. Spread the wealth of good relationships beyond one department. Help all your departments benefit from the good arrangements negotiated with carriers and vendors.


  1. Reduce freights costs based on real-time data that pinpoints where your freight costs are rising and how they could be lower.


Let’s drill down into these benefits a bit more.


Integration and Automation through Technology

“Many organizations manage their logistics with pen and paper,” Mike Broussard, vice president of Broussard Logistics, said. “How can you effectively connect and manage your supply chain with pen and paper? There are just too many limitations.”


In contrast, the right technology eliminates silos and facilitates information sharing across departments, so real-time data is easily seen throughout the company. With greater visibility across departments, you automate processes and eliminate the need for manual re-entry of shipping data, reducing another set of problems due to human error.


But integration doesn’t stop there. “Our technology also integrates with your ERP and other systems, so you don’t have to make an additional capital investment,” Keith Buford of Broussard Logistics said.


Organizations can use Broussard Logistics’ technology to tap into hard-to-access data in one system and share it across business units cost-effectively. The integration benefits that Broussard Logistics’ technology offers is powerful.


Shipment-to-Carrier Match Making

Forget manually tracking down the most competitive shipping rates for each shipment. Broussard Logistics’ Rate Shopper allows your entire organization to choose the best carrier for each shipment from an easy-to-read cloud-based system. The shipping data is even displayed with the lowest cost first and its associated delivery time.


Having this valuable information at your fingertips allows your teams to extend competitive shipping prices to end customers and get more done, fast. With all your departments having access to the shipping rate and availability information, you cut costs across the board.


Data & Analytics Fuel Improvement        

Are your freight costs in line with your industry’s? Are you tracking both your inbound and outbound freight? Are you getting the most competitive shipping rates?

Wherever your greatest pain point is within the freight management cycle, Broussard Logistics’ technology can collect your data and increase your efficiencies at any step of the process.


“We use the analytics to establish a baseline and determine what’s happening in the freight area and then use our experience to set goals and course corrections,” Broussard said.


Broussard shared the example of having 15 people in the Transportation and Warehouse department, all of whom are focused on the outbound shipments. When asked who focused on inbound shipments, clients have explained that was left up to Purchasing. Again, this is an example of disparate groups not optimizing their relationships because they don’t have the data they need. The analytics management tools from Broussard Logistics provide robust reports that puts actionable data into the hands of the Director of Logistics.


Looking even broader, imagine if your organization merges with or acquires another company. The Director of Logistics can study the two companies’ freight analytics and pinpoint which operates more efficiently. Decisions based on the analytics position the new business to take advantage of the best prices and practices, thanks to the right freight management technology.


Of course, a byproduct of all these benefits is overall cost savings that you can apply to the bottom line. It’s time for Directors of Logistics to take a step back and look at the big picture, not just the processes happening within individual departments.


“Be cynical of your processes and consider how technology can automate your processes and bring you substantial cost savings,” Broussard added.


In doing so, your organization transforms itself into a digital, connected and flexible supply chain ready for the competitive landscape. In December, this series will take a look outside your organization to your vendors and will examine the benefits of optimizing your vendor contracts. When implemented, this dynamic supply chain can drive profits in the New Year.


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