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Three Reasons to Adopt Green Shipping Practices

Posted on February 2, 2015

Written by broussard_press

Shipping and transportation are a couple of the largest industries in the world. Much of the way the world functions is dependent on getting things to the right place at the right time and in the right condition. This requires a convoluted framework of trucks, airplanes, ships, and manpower. Though transportation is so instrumental in the way our world functions, it does only account for about 6% of economic activity.

The transportation industry, though efficient, does release harmful emissions into the environment and does use a lot of resources. There are things that every business can do to make their shipping practices more environmentally friendly. Here are three reasons you should.

1. To Help Prevent Damage to the Environment
This is the most obvious reason to go green when it comes to your shipping practices. The more efficient your shipping practices, the better, since it’s a way to reduce freight prices and fuel usage. Using integrated transportation management software and shopping for the best freight rates and routes is an easy first step. The cheapest and most efficient routes will use less fuel, which will release less emissions.

2. For Corporate Social Responsibility
Another benefit of green shipping practices for businesses is that it demonstrates corporate social responsibility. This is the responsibility that companies have for the impacts of their decisions and actions. Going green is a conscious effort to reduce the negative effects of actions, which engages end customers, employees, and the rest of the logistics network by including all of them in the process.

3. To Increase Your Bottom Line
Besides taking responsibility for your business’s carbon footprint and working to reduce it for the sake of the environment, green shipping practices are going to increase your bottom line. Using integrated transportation management software is going to reduce freight costs since using one helps you find the best, most efficient rates. Using different packing materials can also save you money in your shipping department and be better for the environment. For example, bubble wrap is recyclable and is 75% less expensive than Styrofoam.

Has your business started shipping green? Feel free to share your methods with us in the comments section below.