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The Top 3 Reasons Shippers Are Outsourcing Freight Claim Management in 2015

Posted on November 16, 2015

Written by broussard_press

We know that shippers operate in a high stakes industry, one with an out-sized amount of stress. That’s because you’re a part of one of the world’s largest industries. Transportation not only accounts for 6% of all economic activity, but without it all other industries would grind to a halt, literally. And what’s one of the most common complaints we hear from shippers? Managing freight claims is wasting their valuable resources.

As a shipper, you have certain rights. Chief among them is to recover funds from damages, which ensures you aren’t bleeding money because of someone else’s mistake. When those mistakes happen, you end up paying twice. First for the damages themselves, and then in the time you spend filing a claim. Unfortunately, it’s never easy to secure refunds from parcel carriers and other third parties. In fact, recovering funds requires you to tangle with a time-consuming bureaucracy, filled with tedious paperwork and long delays.

Outsourcing this process to a third party logistics company doesn’t just spare you the headaches that come from managing freight claims, it benefits your company in other ways too.

Why Outsource? Efficiency. Cost Savings. Actionable Data.

    1. Efficiency: By outsourcing freight claim management, you eliminate a major time sink. That ensures that you and your team can spend your time focusing on your core business, rather than chasing down refunds. You don’t have to worry about filing claims within the required time limit, forcing you to delay other crucial tasks. In the same way that parcel service failure refund companies make it easier to secure refunds, outsourcing claim management turns a time-waster into a money-saver.
    2. Save Money: Improving freight claim management is a proven strategy for controlling transportation costs. By outsourcing this task to a professional third party logistics firm, you can receive outside expertise that helps ensure recovered funds. This helps save money on multiple fronts. Not only do you eliminate the time opportunity cost that comes from wasting precious resources managing freight claims, but you can often increase the number of successful claims you file.
    3. Visibility and Data: Lots of third party logistics companies will offer vague promises of greater visibility and streams of data. But data is only valuable if it’s useful to your company; if it points towards solutions. By outsourcing freight claim management to professionals, you can identify patterns that only an outsider could see. For instance, a high number of claims with a certain carrier or in a certain region could help you find alternate carriers and routes, thus getting rid of damage claims in the first place.

Simplify Freight Claim Management Once and For All
FedEx delivers an estimated 9 million packages in 220 countries every day, and that’s just one parcel carrier. In shipping, it’s inevitable that damages will occur, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay for someone else’s screw up.

So stop wasting your valuable time, money, and labor on repetitive and migraine-inducing freight claims. Rather than dealing with freight claims in a haphazard, reactive way, bring on professionals who know exactly how to secure the refunds you deserve, on time and stress free.