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NMFC Proposed New Changes for Freight Classification 2021

Posted on January 21, 2021

Written by broussard_press

A new proposal published by NMFTA has the ability to effect the classifications of 137 different density-based items. The current density scale for these items ranges from class 400 à 60 and is separated into 11 different classes, the proposed density scale will change to classes 500 à 50 and will be separated into 18 different classes.

What does this mean for you?

Currently, the density scale is based on 2 pounds per cubic feet (PCF) per class while the proposed density scale is based on a 1 pound per cubic foot (PCF) per class, meaning that higher class density items will split into 2 classes, one being higher than the current class. For example, on the current density scale 2-4 PCF is class 250, and on the proposed density scale 2-3 will be class 300 and 3-4 will be class 250. Please see table below.

These changes can potentially increase your LTL rates anywhere from 19-32%.

How can I know if this will be affecting my LTL Pricing?

Our pricing experts can assist in mitigating any negative financial impact of these changes. For a no-obligation assessment of your LTL rates, modeling of these classification changes and how they compare to the rest of the market, please contact Keith Buford at 713-234-1374 or