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Harnessing The Experience Of Logistics Leaders

Posted on October 23, 2019

Written by broussard_press

At its core, Broussard Logistics is a logistics company that developed technology to better support its goals. In contrast, there are numerous software companies that along the way adapted their technology to address some logistics needs. Which organization should you trust to cut your business’ freight costs and optimize your supply chain?

Broussard Logistics is the leader in the logistics management industry. Founded in 1978, our company began as an audit and pay company. Over the years, we saw the inefficiencies that our clients were facing in the audit and pay arena. We were collecting a great deal of data about our clients’ logistics choices, giving us insight into how they managed freight expenses. By the late 1980s, we realized the value of the data we’d collected. We could tell our clients quite a lot about how they’d been making freight management decisions and how we could leverage this data to bring organizations greater efficiencies. The power was truly in the data.

“The answer is not always lower rates,” Keith Buford of Broussard Logistics said. “While it’s a part of the solution, the reality is that cutting shipping costs is only a small piece of that total solution.”

By the late 1990s, Broussard Logistics began building technology to harness the powerful data we’d collected. We wanted a way to help our clients improve their internal efficiencies and better negotiate contracts with their shipping vendors. At the same time, this technology would remove unnecessary internal steps and help lower the soft costs of operations. While our technology was developing, we also began creating partnerships that would help us leverage the data and lower transportation costs. These two endeavors have revolutionized how Broussard Logistics serves our clients.

Coupling Technology and Expertise for Measurable Impact

Today, Broussard Logistics helps clients audit and optimize contracts for any mode of transportation, including parcel, less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload, international, etc. Our technology is industry-leading and our clients also benefit from our decades of experience.

“Logistics shouldn’t be an afterthought and vendors that tacked on logistics products to a software package are limited in what they can provide,” Buford explained.

Where competitors can process your freight invoices, Broussard Logistics audits AND processes your freight invoices, uncovering impactful cost savings.

“We’ve been able to consult and offer our clients solutions as simple as changing their package size and shape,” Buford added. “Using a smaller package shaped a different way can drive freight costs down. That’s the kind of expertise we’re bringing to the table.”