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Freight Invoice Audit- Savings In Seconds

Posted on August 17, 2017

Written by broussard_press

You receive a freight invoice from the carrier. You should always compare every detail of the invoice to the backup documents (ie. bill of lading and delivery receipt). Carriers are just like most businesses. They have someone data entering information into a system to create an invoice. Unless your system is integrated with the carriers and you’re sending the shipment information electronically to the carrier for pickup. Human error is bound to happen. Example, a member of our audit team noticed an invoice with an origin of Hamilton, OH 45011. When she compared the invoice to bill of lading and delivery receipt shows the origin is  Stafford, TX 77477. The invoice lists incorrect origin, applying an incorrect discount and rate amount. Since the client has a carrier discount that is lower in Ohio than Texas the invoice billed $272.60 instead of $216.85. Equaling a savings of 20% in seconds. A mistake like this can add up and definitely affect your company’s bottom line.