• icon_1bGet Customization
    and Flexibility

    Our customized approach means we’ll adapt to fit your system, not sell you something ‘off-the-shelf’. That is the Broussard way.

  • icon_2bAutomate Processes,
    Collect Money

    We provide visibility and help you use technology to provide solutions to logistics problems across multiple departments.

  • icon_3bSolutions for the
    Strategic Mind

    We provide an outsourced solution that helps your existing management perform up to their potential and work more efficiently.

  • What we do and how we do it.

    Supply chain experts that help manufacturers and distributors, at an executive level, add money to their bottom line in the 3 areas of their company that are most affected by logistics:

    vchart• Finance & Accounting
    • IT
    • Transportation & Logistics

    We are able to do this by analyzing the data and market trends we have available to us by processing over 2 million freight invoices annually, leveraging close to a $1 billion in buying power, and providing logistics software at little to no cost, that increases efficiencies throughout the organization.

  • What Clients Say