Optimizing Freight Carrier Contracts Drives Bottom-line Profits

Posted Jan 24, 2019

Previously, we’ve discussed the most common challenges facing the Director of Logistics in the move to digitize the supply chain. We’ve also covered the freight management technology and best practices that the Director of Logistics can introduce to impact your bottom line. Now let’s explore the benefits of optimizing contracts with your freight vendors to drive profits. ... Read more

Transition from Manual to Electronic Bill of Lading Delivers Great Benefits

Posted Jan 14, 2019

In today’s market, it’s common to have multiple locations, shipping daily. Numerous, costly challenges arise when companies still rely on manual bill of lading (BOL). Does your organization face any of the following issues? • The time-consuming, manual entry of BOLs are often full of errors due to human entry. • Compliance requirements are difficult to meet because each location has its own process for entering freight data into the system. This prevents apples-to-apples comparisons across the company. • Departments struggle to gain access to information in a timely manner. ... Read more