Case Study

Adhesive Manufacturer

HR efficiency and greater management oversight compound freight cost savings to justify rollout of pilot program​


Faced with growing freight expenses and significant increases in petroleum-based raw materials, this Adhesive Manufacturer knew something had to give if it wanted to stay competitive.
The company was formed in 1992 as an industrial adhesives distributor in St. Louis, Missouri, focused on the packaging, paper converting, woodworking and product assembly sectors. Putting the customer first and maintaining its product focus has enabled this company to consistently increase its customer base ever since.

The Challenge

Team spending valuable time and effort entering manual data.

Now, the company does all this online with Broussard by imputing just a few items, like zip codes, class and weights.


From a pilot program in one division in 2005 to company-wide implementation today, the
Adhesive Manufacturer has expanded Broussard’s services by four or five times. One example
that the Owner cites is the misroute report, which the company started utilizing in 2008. After
three weeks of misroutes in January that cost over $4,500, the company went four months
without a single misroute – a substantial savings in anybody’s book.

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Company-wide implementation of Broussard services.

"Our team can see the top five best carriers for any shipment, saving our warehouse personnel the time and energy to figure out the best rates for each movement." - Owner


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