Benchmark Transportation Costs

Can we cut your shipping and transportation costs as we have for hundreds of other companies?

Find out by requesting a Benchmark Study and permit our billing analysts to audit your complete invoices from a prior 90-day period and we’ll show your projected savings for this year and beyond.

In exchange for your time investment (compiling the invoices) and for your preliminary trust, we’ll gladly make an investment in your business by performing a detailed analysis to reveal your best opportunity to cut costs and drive more profit to your bottom line.

Here’s how it works:

Send us up to 90 days worth of transportation related invoices (all modes). Privacy is important to us so a non-disclosure agreement can be provided, if required.

  • Our experienced transportation team will perform a comprehensive analysis including:
  • Current pricing structures versus true market value pricing
    • Comparison of rates, fuel surcharges and relevant competition
    • Transit analysis
    • Mode optimization analysis
    • Carrier billing errors (audit opportunities)
    • Classification structure analysis
    • Parcel service failure analysis (small package/parcel needs to be sent via EDI or electronically)
  • We provide a review of analysis findings, in person, including a management-level perspective of the existing situation and future competitive advantages.

Bottom Line. Sometimes we perform the analysis and discover that companies are doing a good job. Often, however, one or several of our services can help them improve their operation and dramatically reduce costs. Either way, the analysis is free and the result is a true market comparison that you cannot get anywhere else.

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