Transportation Software For Traffic Manager

Traffic Manager
Because of Broussard’s expertise, resources and volumes, they have been able to negotiate and maintain very competitive freight rates. As a result, they have minimized escalating freight costs and saved DPT a substantial amount of money. And the more they save us, the more competitive we can afford to be.


Solutions for the Traffic Manager

Traffic Managers are typically in charge of:

  • Dealing with carriers
  • Handling freight claims and damages
  • Responding to inbound calls about estimated arrival times

Traffic Managers may complain most about not being able to uniformly compare pricing among their many carriers.

With Broussard on your team, we can help you be proactive dealing with carriers and assist you in solving the freight problems that are dumped in your lap. Our Rate Shopper technology allows you to compare prices and transit times with multiple carriers in seconds. Electronic shipment notification helps cut down inbound calls by automatically notifying customers when their orders are in route. And the claims module helps you solve problems that arise.

Best of all, Broussard only gets paid when you save money.

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