Supply Chain Manager Freight Software

Supply Chain Manager
Broussard delivers value to MSD Ignition by saving us time and money in outsourcing the transportation invoice and payment process, plus helping us get better rates from carriers. That’s a great competitive advantage if we apply those two variables more cost-effectively than our competitors.

Solutions for the Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Managers are most often responsible for:

  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Vendor compliance
  • Maximizing efficiency
  • Just-in-time shipments to prevent out-of-stocks or shutting down production

The Supply Chain Manager is concerned with tracking products from the moment they are ordered to moment they reach the customer. Broussard provides visibility through the entire supply chain process. We “close the loop,” allowing you to use technology to track product status from order to customer. Our RateShopper allows you to not only get the best pricing from multiple carriers, but it also includes transit times in bids so you can make an informed decision. Your sales force will love electronic shipment notification because it keeps their customers up to date on the status of their order, saving unnecessary phone calls. And finally, Broussard makes money only when your company saves money, through a “shared savings” model.

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