Transportation Management Testimonials

"Broussard provides the data we need to help us drive inefficiencies out of our company, better manage our transportation spend, control costs, and improve customer satisfaction. They understand my issues and write custom applications to solve them, creating career scorecards and proof of delivery data points as a global measurement tool that we didn’t have before."

"Broussard has an exceptional understanding of tariffs and rates and is extremely knowledgeable about the business and what’s going on in the industry. They save us money with their expertise and negotiation skills, which helps us become more competitive in the marketplace."

"With Broussard managing our freight, we’ve saved thousands of dollars in freight fees, keeping costs down to our customers and helping us move equipment out. Dealing with Broussard is convenient, and we usually get an immediate response if we have a question or concern."

"Broussard delivers value to our company by saving us time and money in outsourcing the transportation invoice and payment process, plus helping us get better rates from carriers. That’s a great competitive advantage if we apply those two variables more cost-effectively than our competitors."

"Broussard Logistics offered a tremendous amount of experience in the industry. Understanding that our success will lead to their success if they do their job, Broussard has exceeded our expectations in every area they work with us in. I never envisioned the cost savings we are experiencing."

"There is a large value proposition to having a partner like Broussard handle our logistic needs. Not only are they saving us money with increased efficiencies on rate negotiations, but the time we save with their technological advances is amazing."

"Because of Broussard’s expertise, resources, and volumes, they have been able to negotiate and maintain very competitive freight rates. As a result, they have minimized escalating freight costs and saved us a substantial amount of money. And the more they save us, the more competitive we can afford to be."

"Without a doubt, Broussard has eased the pain in the shipping business, saving Fluid Sealing Products us time, two full-time employees, and thousands of dollars. Our customers now get the best service at the best price, and we no longer have to deal with the freight companies at all."