International Freight Management

Effectively managing the inbound flow of material and information is a complicated aspect of supply chain management. Often, companies do not focus on this critical part of the business. Allowing vendors to make shipping decisions reduces a company’s control over the inflow of goods and materials. Leaving the choices to the vendors might also amount to higher costs for your company.

At Broussard Logistics, we will help bring control back to you.

By adopting International Freight Management, you will:

  • Hold vendors accountable to the right carrier, at the right price
  • Leverage your inbound and outbound spend; this prevents you from diluting your purchasing power


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I hold my vendors accountable?

    Most companies have success with vendor shipping enforcement guidelines.

  • I do not know my Inbound spend, so how can I control it?

    We often run across companies where freight is combined with the cost of goods sold on the invoice. Through data collection, we can identify possible savings of an inbound management program. Tip: require your vendor to supply an actual freight bill from the carrier to support any freight charges.



Gain visibility over inbound freight which allows for better, more accurate planning.


Put the power back into your hands (the buyer) by using our vendor portal through the Transportation Management Software (TMS).

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