Transportation Solutions For Executive Officer

Executive Officer
There is a large value proposition to having a partner like Broussard handle our logistic needs. Not only are they saving us money with increased efficiencies on rate negotiations, but the time we save with their technological advances is amazing.


Solutions for Executive Officers

CEOs we talk with routinely share these strategic concerns:

  • How can we deal with rising costs and stay competitive in the market?
  • Do we have the knowledge in-house to manage transportation costs?

Broussard is a 35+ year-old company that complements the talent within your organization. We provide visibility so you know whether you are paying the true market price. We provide an outsourced solution that helps your existing management perform up to their potential, while giving you the ability to hold key managers accountable by centralizing data for decision making and oversight.

Furthermore, we operate under a shared savings model that provides decades of expertise at no additional cost to your company; we make money only when you save money.

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