Transportation Management Software (TMS)

Broussard Logistics developed technology that provides a centralized enterprise solution to help you achieve economies of scale. Small and medium businesses gain a competitive edge with flexible, expandable and fully customizable software solutions. Less manual processing will give your employees more time to focus on core business functions and improve customer service. Take a closer look at the interrelated modules available within our industry leading Transportation Management Software solution, and discover how using our software technology will distinguish you from your competition.

Microsoft.NET-based software provides accurate and timely access to critical information, which allows for better management of costs and increased profitability.

Benefits include:

Rate and Route Optimization

Manually shopping for the best freight rate can be extremely time consuming. Our web based software tool enhances operational efficiencies by quickly organizing the intelligence you need to choose the optimum carrier for your freight. Based upon your freight contract information, the rate shopper module will display a number of carriers along with the service level provided in order of cost.

Electronic Bill-Of-Lading (BOL)

By putting the BOL online, you have the ability to receive real time operational information, which leads to increased efficiency and improved service. The user-friendly interface uses auto-fill and auto-complete features for convenient data processing. At the simple click of a button, you can accomplish many tasks, such as:
• Printing the BOL and shipping labels on plain paper to a standard laser or dot matrix printer
• Emailing or saving BOLs as PDF files
• Exporting BOL to Excel
• Transferring BOL records between locations and departments
• Editing pre-stored addresses

Electronic Shipment Notification

One tangible way Broussard uses technology to improve your customer’s experience with you, as well as operational efficiency is with Electronic Shipment Notification. Using this tool, an automatic notification is sent electronically as a client-branded shipment notification, customized with your logo, to your consumer (consignee), alerting tender of shipment to carrier and shipment specifics: weight, class, amount and type of products, carrier, etc. The e-mail links to the Web site of the carrier hauling the freight for tracking and tracing purposes so the customer can track the shipment. Up to seven e-mail addresses can be attached to each client for alert of shipment.

Data Management and Information Reporting

Broussard provides powerful reporting capability online for you to make decisions and respond quickly.

In addition to our standard reports, you will be able to perform system searches based on the data captured and will have the ability to export data into Excel for customized manipulation and ad-hoc reporting via our report building tool.


Broussard’s technology can easily integrate with most ERP’s (SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, etc.) for further efficiency gains and information flow. Our system can integrate from an inbound perspective (purchasing, vendor, P.O.), as well as an outbound perspective (sales, customer, S.O.) in order to create visibility across your entire supply chain.