Post Audit

Your company may have been overcharged on previously paid freight bills. We are able to audit these paid freight bills even after the fact. Since our professionals have extensive knowledge in auditing freight charges, our experience allows us to easily identify overcharges.

Top Reasons to perform a post audit:

  1. Possibility of recovering funds you didn’t know that you overpaid
  2. Does not disrupt your normal course of business
  3. Gives you leverage with your carriers to negotiate, as it monitors carriers performance on billing
  4. Process worked by expert may reveal other recommendations that can help your business
  5. No contract
  6. Contingency-based so no cost unless overpayment is found

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Send us your freight invoices billed within the past 180 days, along with pricing agreements*
  • Step 2: We will audit the paid bills to determine if errors exist.
  • Step 3: When an error is detected, we will then file a claim with the carrier on your behalf**
  • Step 4: When a recovery is complete, we will then send the check to your company with our invoice attached.

*The regulations specified under the Trucking Industry Regulatory Reform Act of 1994 only allow 180 days to claim overcharges to freight carriers.

**By law the carrier has 60 days to acknowledge receipt of the claim and will typically pay the claims within 60 days of the notification if the claim is viable.