Inbound Freight Management

Effectively managing the inbound flow of material and information is a complicated aspect of supply chain management. Oftentimes, companies do not focus on this critical part of the business. Yet allowing vendors to make shipping decisions reduces a company’s control over the inflow of goods and materials. Leaving the choices to the vendors might also amount to higher costs for your company. When a vendor improperly selects a carrier, the vendor usually receives credit when it really belongs to you.

At Broussard Logistics, we will help bring control back to you. By adopting Inbound Freight Management, you will:

  • Hold vendors accountable to the right carrier, at the right price
  • Leverage your inbound and outbound spend; this prevents you from diluting your purchasing power
  • Gain visibility over inbound freight which allows for better, more accurate planning
  • Put the power back into your hands (the buyer) to schedule shipments from the vendor that matches your timetable, not the vendor’s.