Freight Cowboy – LTL Freight Brokerage

Need to schedule a shipment, but don’t want to spend hours chasing carriers to get 5 different bids? You don’t have to. Freight Cowboy is Broussard’s branded non-asset based truckload and LTL freight brokerage service.

These are the supply chain management services we provide:

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

We provide LTL and Volume LTL freight services to and from virtually all points in North America. Leveraging our strategic position in the market and utilizing our aggressive rates with established carriers accomplishes this. Freight Cowboy has created a systematic approach to transportation technology, designed to save time and money for any size business with shipping and transportation needs.

Full Truckload (TL)

Freight Cowboy is able to provide you with timely, dependable service in getting your full truckloads moved to their destination in the least expensive manner. As a non-asset based company, we are able to form strong and strict relationships with premier carriers, enabling our clients to have a more efficient supply chain.

We specialize in arranging the following types of truckload services:
• Vans
• Flatbeds
• Single and double drop decks


Freight Cowboy goes the extra mile to see that your “hot” shipments are picked up and delivered according to your specifications. Our dispatchers are experienced, highly motivated, and responsive. Our close monitoring of each and every shipment keeps you informed. We are in constant communication with shippers, transportation providers and consignees from the time your shipment is picked up until the load is received at the destination.


On those shipments where cost is a significant factor and transit time is not as critical, our intermodal service could be the most economical solution.

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