Freight Claims Management

Managing freight claims is an arduous task for shippers, often filled with time consuming steps, confusing processes, and inefficient tasks that are distractions from the real work that needs to get done. Outsourcing this task to an expert like Broussard Logistics could make a lot of sense. We work directly with client companies in a customized way that provides solutions that not only result in recovered funds from damages, but also provide visibility over processes that can result in efficiencies and better decision-making.

Top reasons to outsource the management of freight claims:

  1. Huge headache off of your plate
  2. Meet the time limit of your freight claim without disrupting your real job
  3. As part of overall logistics strategy, revealing high number of claims with one carrier should trigger a re-assessment of that carrier
  4. Process worked by expert could reveal solutions to claims, such as different packaging
  5. Centralizing information can provide better reporting and tracking of key information