Carrier Rate Negotiations – Contract Rates For Shipments

Negotiating with carriers to determine the contract rates for shipment can be a daunting task. While shipping is a vital part of your customer experience, it is most likely not your core business. That is why you need a partner like Broussard Logistics to help you through this critical step in your supply.

There are four pretty straightforward reasons why you want Broussard with you at the negotiating table.

Buying Power

Broussard has nearly four decades of expertise and the buying power that over 1,000 client companies and $1 billion of transportation purchasing power brings. Regardless of your negotiating skill, that kind of leverage is an invaluable tool to use as a starting point.

Market Intelligence

Because this is what we do for so many clients, Broussard has access to massive amounts of data and market information to utilize in negotiations that you don’t have access to. We keep abreast of market changes, pricing shifts, and other factors that only a company in our unique position can tap into – and use on your behalf at the negotiating table.

Carrier Relationships

Your carrier representative might be a great salesperson, but Broussard has a higher-level relationship within the carriers as a starting point. Typically, we are starting at a more strategic level and our have a stronger relationship with the carrier’s management team. This gives you access that is hard to duplicate.

We work as partners with the following LTL carriers:

• Averitt Express
• Saia
• XPO Logistics
• Old Dominion Freight Lines
• Southwestern Motor Transport (SMT)
• Reddaway
• Holland
• Ward Trucking
• Dayton Freight Lines
• UPS Freight
• FedEx Freight
• Southeastern Freight Lines
• AAA Cooper Transportation
• Roadrunner Transportation
• Central Freight Lines
• Oak Harbor Freight Lines
• Vitran Express
• ABF Freight Lines
• Estes Express
• New Penn


In addition, Broussard offers flexible compensation structures. We will structure the compensation for this service the way you want us to. Customizing an approach to our services is one of our core value propositions.