Our Leading Edge Logistics Technology Services

Thirty years of experience on your side

Broussard Logistics has been driving down transportation costs since 1978. Our client community, more than 1000 strong, gain access to negotiated discounts and also to leading edge logistics technology and supply chain process best practices. Beyond the prices for freight and parcel shipping, we focus on proactively reducing costs by strengthening controls and providing access to critical and actionable transportation information. Read more about these aspects of the Broussard approach to controlling transportation costs:

  • Transportation Management Software

    Broussard Logistics developed technology that provides a centralized enterprise solution to help you achieve economies of scale….
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  • Freight Bill Audit & Payment

    Broussard Logistics will audit your freight bills to ensure invoice accuracy. Errors and occasional indifference on the part of carriers,…
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  • Carrier Rate Negotiations

    Negotiating with carriers to determine the contract rates for shipment can be a daunting task. While shipping is a vital part of your customer experience, it is most likely not your core…
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  • Inbound Freight Management

    Effectively managing the inbound flow of material and information is a complicated aspect of supply chain management…
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  • Parcel Service Failure Refunds

    Every shipment handled by UPS or FedEx is guaranteed, no matter what the service level. The problem is the parcel carriers…
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  • Post Audit

    Your company may have been overcharged on previously paid freight bills. Since our professionals have extensive knowledge in auditing freight charges, our experience allows us…
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  • Freight Claims Management

    Managing freight claims is an arduous task for shippers, often filled with time consuming steps, confusing processes, and inefficient tasks…
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  • Freight Cowboy

    Need to schedule a shipment, but don’t want to spend hours chasing carriers to get 5 different bids? You don’t have to. Freight Cowboy is Broussard’s branded non-asset based truckload and LTL…
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