How the Evolving Role of Director of Logistics is Impacting the Business Landscape

Posted Oct 30, 2018

The Director of Logistics role has evolved. Whiles this management position was traditionally responsible for "pushing boxes out the back door," that transactional role has truly transformed into a more strategic player within organizations. For instance, technology has caused a true disruption of the supply chain, presenting the Director of Logistics with opportunities to gain insight into customer preferences, expedite delivery and streamline operations. This management position now plays a central role in strengthening the supply chain to positively influence customers and manage one of the largest spends within a company.... Read more

Five Departments Affected By Logistics in Every Company

Posted Oct 02, 2018

Logistics is a term that increasingly encompasses a wide range of tasks and subject areas. More than ever, investments in the supply chain of an organization touch nearly every department in that organization. When we started in 1978, most of our interactions with shippers occurred in the warehouse, where products flow in from vendors and out to customers, or in the accounting department, where the freight bills get paid. In 2018, there is hardly a department that our technology, service offerings, or expertise doesn’t touch.... Read more

4 Current Trends in Logistics Used by Best-in-Class Companies

Posted Sep 26, 2018

With greater demand for product customization and next day delivery, leadership teams across the United States continue to seek ways to expedite production and distribution while minimizing costs across the board. The evolution of the logistics industry has clearly been impacted, bringing cost efficiencies and savings for companies to apply to the bottom line. Four key trends in logistics management should be harnessed by companies, especially in manufacturing and distribution, to enhance the bottom line.... Read more

Cost Visibility - Information is King

Posted Aug 22, 2018

Many times, shippers are either unable to properly identify their true costs or it’s a hassle to apply them to the proper GL codes. Traditional accounting methods and spreadsheets prove insufficient for breaking down logistics costs to the product or item level. When access to details about your freight costs is limited, it’s incredibly challenging to manage costs.... Read more

Solving the 3 Biggest Challenges around Freight Costs

Posted May 08, 2018

In discussions with businesses that have inbound and outbound freight, there’s occasionally confusion around the improvements that third-party logistics (3PL) providers deliver. In fact, some professionals struggle to see 3PLs as anything more than an additional layer of costs. ... Read more

What is Transportation Management Software (TMS) and Does Your Business Need It?

What is Transportation Management Software (TMS) and Does Your Business Need It?

Posted May 01, 2018

There’s a lot of talk in the transportation and logistics industry about transportation management software (TMS). What exactly TMS includes often varies, depending on the solution provider and the shipper.... Read more