Technology Presents Real Opportunity For Logistics

Posted Feb 26, 2019

Imagine a world where every process is automated so that everything runs in a synchronized manner. You experience no traffic delays because your GPS navigation app has guided you seamlessly through the route of least resistance. As you arrive at your office, a hot cup of your favorite flavored coffee has been meticulously placed at your desk and your computer welcomes you with your top-priority emails ready for review ― all while your internal departments work together at optimal speed and efficiency. While this ideal state isn’t completely attainable yet, we can apply existing technology to optimize logistics management with significant benefits. Harnessing the value can be easier than you might think.... Read more

Managing Freight Costs Through a Holistic View

Posted Feb 11, 2019

Scrutinizing All Logistics Issues and Automating Processes Deliver Valuable Savings The New Year is prime time to take a fresh perspective on your supply chain. Many manufacturing and distribution companies have reaped significant benefits from using technology to automate production and customer satisfaction delivery. However, when it comes to tackling the logistics costs, they typically focus on areas with limited impact that are symptoms of the corporate logistics structure. Instead, imagine the advantages of improving areas within your control and applying automation to your administrative side. Coupling automation with a close look at internal factors can greatly reduce your freight costs and present eye-opening saving opportunities.... Read more