Transportation Software For Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager
There is a large value proposition to having a partner like Broussard handle our logistic needs. Not only are they saving us money with increased efficiencies on rate negotiations, but the time we save with their technological advances is amazing.

Solutions for the Accounting Manager

Regarding transportation and the supply chain, Accounting Managers are typically responsible for:

  • Solving freight billing problems
  • Fixing transportation problems caused by other departments
  • Researching issues by reconstructing transactions with multiple documents
  • Settling claims and paying bills when facts are cloudy

Accounting Managers frequently say their greatest frustration is caused by not having a “go-to person” for correcting a steady stream of logistics problems across multiple departments.

Broussard helps alleviate repetitive billing problems by dramatically reducing paperwork and the number of checks that need to be cut. Top-notch audit expertise, combined with cutting edge technology, vastly improves the consistency of information across the supply chain.

Personnel costs and overhead expenses can be reduced while catching problems and fixing mistakes before they become out of control.

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