Logistics is a broad term – what exactly does Broussard do?

Broussard Logistics is a service-based logistics and supply chain management company. Our main focus is to assist clients in developing a company-wide supply chain management program that enables key people in your organization make informed transportation decisions every day.

Our process consists of the following steps:

  • Identify and understand your current pricing through a customized Transportation Expense Benchmark Study
  • Determine how the market compares to your current modes of transportation
  • Construct a group of core carriers based on your actual situation
  • Design a program to optimize inbound and outbound transportation
  • Audit transportation invoices and payments
  • Continually monitor, report and manage the logistics process for savings and effectiveness

We help identify how freight costs affect all divisions of your business; then we use our knowledge and experience in working with carriers (more than 300) to construct a favorable program to help you continue to excel in your industry.

How is Broussard Logistics able to add value to our organization?

Buying Power. Broussard handles nearly $1 billion in negotiating leverage with a consortium of shippers and carriers.

Industry Expertise. Since 1978, Broussard has focused on logistics and supply chain management and has built a team of experts with dedicated account support personnel.

Technology. Our proprietary technology, or transportation management system (TMS), provides access to cutting edge tools that allows our clients to concentrate on core competencies and more efficiently allocate resources.
Accounting Solutions. We provide audit and payment of all freight invoices and provide detailed management reports to ensure best practices are followed.

What cost savings are possible?

Typically our clients realize a 10 to 30 percent gross cost savings. Since there are many variables, the best way to determine an estimate is to request a customized Transportation Expense Benchmark Study.

Are my current freight providers affected?

Our primary goal is to enhance the transportation service provided to your company. We focus on optimizing service, transit time and cost. Broussard Logistics offers recommendations; you make the final decisions.

What is the cost of the Logistics Management Program?

Broussard Logistics is compensated through “value billing” or a shared savings model. We share only in the measured cost savings; if there are no savings there will be no charges.

How long does the implementation process take?

Normally, the implementation process takes 30-45 days with verifiable cost savings seen in another 15 days. Our goal is to not disrupt your core business during implementation, therefore, we typically will need only about 4-8 hours of your associates time during the 30-45 days implementation period to get the program up and running.

What is the first step?