About Us

Broussard Logistics manages $1 billion in transportation expense for 1,000+ client companies in a customized way that provides unmatched transparency, strategic insight, and market intelligence.


Broussard Logistics was founded with a vision to bring to market a solution to manage, control, and lower freight cost for our clients. We take a customized approach to clients, not try to sell them something ‘off-the-shelf’. That is because, in the world of supply chain management and logistics solutions, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Our 1000+ client companies have told us this time and time again.


Broussard believes that flexibility in our approach is the key to success. We have a wealth of shipping, logistics, and supply chain market intelligence in our company ready to deploy on your behalf. We realize, however, that we must adapt to your company’s needs, culture, and resources. Our industry is changing rapidly – and we are confident yours is also. We want to adapt and change as your company changes in order to become a valuable and indispensable partner.


Transparency represents a couple of things to Broussard: Trust and Visibility. Through our market intelligence and our technology, we want to provide visibility of critical data and information for our clients so they can make better and more informed strategic decisions. In order to accomplish that, we must trust each other as business partners. At Broussard, we provide you visibility over how our interests are aligned and that we only make money when you make money. In addition, we want to work to align the interests of multiple departments within our client companies – marketing, sales, accounting, supply chain – to maximize value.

Our business strategy revolves around the concept of “whole company, integrated solution,” built on this framework:

  • Reveal cost visibility
  • Present options
  • Centralize resources
  • Create efficiency
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Manage continuously
  • Accelerate into the future

As one of the nation’s strongest names in freight cost management, Broussard Logistics is proud to serve our customers today and we look forward to a successful future together.


  • American Society of Transportation & Logistics
  • Association of Transportation Law Professionals
  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • Energy Traffic Association
  • Freight Transportation Consultants Association
  • National Industrial Transportation League
  • Transportation & Logistics Council
  • Transportation Intermediaries Association

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