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Freight Claims Management

Our customized freight claim management service maximizes your clain resloution results, and frees you up to focus on other essential tasks. We understand that there is a difference between claims software and claims management. Our experts not utilize our proprietary software and understanding of carrier liability to only assist in the workflow associated with claims……we assist in the prevention, presentation and resolution.

Freight Claims Management Solutions

Broussard Logistics offers freight claims management services to help shippers save time, streamline processes, and maximize your compensation.

We know that it’s vital for businesses like yours to deliver freight on time and presentable to your customer.

You lose money if your shipments are late, short, or damaged. You also harm client relationships and must waste precious time resolving the issue.

Our freight claims management solutions include: 

Freight Claims Management Service Benefits

Save Time

When you outsource the freight claims management process to us, you also gain more time to focus on other critical elements of your business.

We take these tasks off your plate and ensure you meet the time constraints of freight claims without putting other responsibilities on the back burner.

Enhance Initiation to Resolution Process

Every business has its unique obstacles and needs custom solutions to address them.

Broussard Logistics offers solutions created by and for shipping experts.

Our team understands the challenges of working a claims presentations, dealing with the carriers claims departments, and liability matters.

Maximize Compensation

At Broussard Logistics we offer an in-depth, custom management process for your freight claims to help you recover funds and prevent money loss.

Our latest reports show that, with the help of our services, 93 percent of claims filed are recovered in full or partial settlements.

Let us recover your funds and help you run your business more efficiently.

Maximize Your Freight Claim Success Rate. Choose Broussard Logistics

With over 40 years in the business, our experience personnel  know how to help you improve operations, and improve customer relationships.

Broussard Logistics currently works with clients across various industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, distribution, and energy. We offer tailored solutions to help save our clients millions of dollars and headaches.

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